• 05 minutes to

    Thu Thiem

  • 07 minutes to

    District 4

  • 10 minutes to

    Phu My Hung

  • 15 minutes to

    District 1

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• Located right at the façade intersection of Ben Nghe Street, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, just going through the Thu Thiem 4 bridge, you can easily walk to the heart of Thu Thiem, District 2, also known as the hub of finance - commerce - high-end services of the city or hustling and bustling boulevards such as Nguyen Van Linh, Nguyen Tat Thanh, Huynh Tan Phat ...

• With a favorably prime land direction, adjacent to the river as well as along the waterfront, and the view overlooking to Saigon River, you can embrace the fresh and cool atmosphere, and it also generates prosperity, wealth and fortune for its home-owner.

• Surrounded by an array of diverse public utilities, it swiftly meets the living needs of residents because of its ease access (5km from Phu My Hung downtown, 5km from Crescent Lake Park, 4km from Crescent Mall, Anh Sao Bridge, and Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center, 6km from RMIT University ...)

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  • 2000m2

    Interpretation: Hot mineral complex – the largest Sauna - Spa and Detox center in Ho Chi Minh City

  • 450+

    Interpretation: Diversified types of apartments with area of up to 100m2

  • 10+

    Interpretation: A complex featuring Japanese-standard high class health care facilities

  • 1000m2

    Interpretation: Immense hot mineral space right in the heart of the city center

  • Top 5

    Interpretation: Tribe hot mineral operator - top 5 hot mineral operators in Japan

  • Top 3

    Interpretation: Taisei Project Operator - Japan's largest operating corporation

in the prime location of the city

Look no further
Hot mineral therapy

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The future owners of Shizen Home in Ho Chi Minh City do not have to spend hours traveling or cover a distance of hundreds of kilometers to boost health in the hot springs, but for the first time right at the apartments in the heart of the city, you can also enjoy the beauty of the miniature Country of the Rising Sun and absorb into your body precious and rare essences from the Japan-standard mineral spring whenever you need.


Let the tenderness of the water embrace you with minerals "tailored" just for the various needs of ShizenHome's owners so that every time stepping out, you feel your body fresher and healthier after each course of therapy.

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More than 8 leading hot mineral experts and the 4 best Japanese health therapists have worked tirelessly for more than 1 year. They travel throughout hot mineral regions in Japan to do research and measure all the minerals as well as the concentration and the temperature that are suitable for the individual physique and health needs of each Shizen Home resident.

Closed-end and intensive care and treatment process

  • Hot mineral bath

    Dilated pores, good blood circulation, joint pain relief, blood pressure and cardiovascular improvement...

  • Sauna with salt rock /herbs

    Beneficial minerals penetrate deeply into the body, absorbing the essences of skin rejuvenation, preserving youthfulness.

  • Cold steambath

    Low temperature helps tighten pores, retaining all beneficial compounds for the body, helping achive ultra-smooth and glowing skin.

  • Spa and Detox

    The end of the process is the process of eliminating toxins from the body, removing dead cells, improving the outer looks.

Designing a "tailor-made" treatment process to serve each resident's specific needs

  • Hot mineral treatment for diseases for the elderly

    Containing Bicarbonate compounds to treat diseases related to blood pressure, heart problems, bones and joints for the elderly.

  • Hot mineral for beautification needs

    Contains sulfur and sulfide compounds to help improve and beautify skin.

  • Spa & Detox Combination

    A chain of detox rooms with hydrotherapy, hot-cold convection, and the state-of-the-art detoxification and body purification technology.

the art of taking care of our customers from the bottom of our hearts

  • Returning to Shizen Home is coming home, and we always welcome and have a deep understanding of our valued residents like our relatives.

  • Rooted in the spirit of Omotenashi - the art of caring from the heart, surpassing all professional 5-star standards and beyond all expectations, Shizen Home always welcomes you back home every day, with delicate gestures, caring preparation, and dedicated and whole-hearted treat every return home is made to feel like a grand one.

The world enjoys natural sceneries and Japanese-style health care

When every step is a touch of convenience, you will freely step into the world of imbued Japanese standard of living.

Central Japanese Garden

This simulation of "meditation paradise" is ideal for people whose souls need to be soothed after the hustles and bustles of life. It is the place where you come back to be comforted, to love yourself and to take care of your family's health when you all intake green vitamins from the open air and the scent of colorful flowers and plants together.

Negative ion meditation garden

Breathing within 30 minutes in a negative ion environment can increase your oxygen intake up to 20% and CO2 emissions up to 14.5%. The huge negative ion source from the negative ion meditation garden will help Shizen Home’s residents improve lung functions and quickly regenerate life energy every day. In addition, the arrangement of every streams, stones, and buses always has its own meaning, which incorporaties a space of serenity for you to find yourself, make you return to the stillness of your soul and a peaceful place in reality.

Reflexology Garden

Every step you set on the massage stepping stone is the moment helping you calm down, perceive and listen to your own breath blending with the breath of nature.


1 Kid playground
2 Central Japanese Garden (Zen Garden, Reflexology Path)
3 Japanese-style Reception Hall
4 Japanese-style Restaurant (Floor 2)
5 Home built-in Hot Mineral Complex (Floor 2)
6 Saigon's Largest Sauna Complex (Floor 2)
7 Spa Complex & Detox Center (Floor 2)
8 Japanese-style Four-Season Swimming Pool Complex (Floor 3)
9 Yoga / Gym Center (Floor 3)
10 Library Facility (Floor 3)



With the minimalist architecture style in order to expand the inner space as well as the main focus on both the close-up of each line and the exterior decoration with a "meditation" style of nature, every time you return to Shizen Home, it is a time to reach an absolute poise of heart – spirit - mind, enjoying the fullest self-care moments.


With the minimalist architecture style in order to expand the inner space as well as the main focus on both the close-up of each line and the exterior decoration with a "meditation" style of nature, every time you return to Shizen Home, it is a time to reach an absolute poise of heart – spirit - mind, enjoying the fullest self-care moments.


We hope that every day of your living at Shizen Home is always a journey of taking care of yourself and enjoying life to the fullest.

To fulfill that noble mission, Taisei Facility Management - the largest operating corporation in Japan with an over-70-year history, more than 16,000 employees globally and annual revenue of up to USD 13 billion, has put all its heart in the Shizen Home Project.


Kawara is the oldest traditional hot mineral technology operator and manager in Japan. With a rich experience of many decades and a team of excellent experts in the profession, TRIBE has brought the hot mineral quintessence of the land of the Rising Sun to Vietnam and debuted its presence in the heart of the vibrant city of Ho Chi Minh.



Throughout its journey of nearly 20 years of development, Gotec Land has always known how to make a difference for itself by leaving the imprints in architecture, location, quality and prestige that are measured by time. Those marks are shown through a series of products located in many provinces and cities of Vietnam such as
Da Nang, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, Bien Hoa...

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